Friday, February 17, 2012

Valetine's Treats and a Gypsy Update

I decided to make some Valetine's treats for my favorite co-workers, because there's nothing like a one-of-a-kind, edible treat! Baking has quickly become an addiction - next to crafting, of course. With taht said, the only thing missing on my little treat bags was a cute, Cricut-made tag with a stamp on it (I'm still having Gypsy withdraws). Here's how the cookies turned out...

Now for a quick Gypsy update....I LOVE ProvoCraft! They had never heard of the weird issued my Gypsy was having, so they are replacing it for me. The only downfall is that it may take a little bit to get it back because I have to send mine to them in order for them to match the numbers so I can re-load all 200+ cartridged - OUCH!!


  1. Your cookies look delicious!! I'm sure they loved them.
    Poor you to have to load all those cartridges again. What a pain. At least they are replacing it for you though.

  2. Your sugar cookies look perfect. What is your secret to them not spreading. I love to bake but sugar cookies are the bain of my existence... Have not found a recipe yet that would keep its shape when baking...any suggestions?

  3. cute

  4. Your cookies look fantastic, the icing looks perfect--good luck on your gypsy, sounds like they're really taking care of you@