Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I am all Halloweened out! So many treats in so little time...but I'm sad to be putting away my stamps & digital clipart for the year!

I wanted to put my baking skills to good use and make a little treat for my team at school, and I figured cupcakes were the perfect thing! They're quick to make, and there's a cute way to package them individually. The tags do help :)

What I used
Jaded Blossom treat tag & banner dies
grafos monster digital clipart

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Boo Buddy Reveal

Tomorrow is the BIG day! I get to tell my buddy who I am, and find out who's been buying me some of my favorite treats! I wanted something special for the big reveal, so I brought together some of my Boo Buddy's favorite treats from the past few days, and added in her gift card of choice (Sonic) in this nifty door hanger...

What I used
grafos monster clipart
Jaded Blossom flag die & gift card die
Scrappy Moms Stamps
'A Haunting We Will Go' stamps
Jamie Cripps door hanger box SVG
Thanks for joining me on this fun Hallow
een adventure!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Boo Buddies, Day 3

So far, so good! Boo Buddies is always fun!!

Tomorrow is Day 3: Favorite Snack
My Boo Buddy's favorite snack is almonds! I bought a box of  six, 100-calorie packs of almonds and found the perfect box SVG to accommodate them...

What I used
Silhouette Online Store - Spiderweb Favor Box
Jaded Blossom - Banner Dies & Too Cute To Spook stamp
One more day to go!! On Halloween we
get our "big" gift!! :)

Jr. Pre-k Treats

WOW! 3 posts in one day! I've been very busy getting ready for Halloween! Between my school kiddoes and my little man's friends, I've made 60+ favors this year!

My little man attends an amazing daycare, and we always try to do something special for his little friends around the holidays. I made a class set of 22 treat bags (5-6 of each tag design) with a few healthier choices -goldfish, gummies, rice crispy - rather than filling a bag with candy for a bunch of 3-year-olds.

I thought the little monster images and the stamp were so fitting for their age :)

What I used
grafos monster digital clipart
Jaded Blossom Treat Tag & Flag Die,
Too Cute To Spook & Halloween Mash-Up

First Grade Classroom Treats

I am part of a special program at our school where our 1st graders get to rotate between teachers/subjects. They love it, and I get to see even more kiddoes daily! That means that in addition to my 16 homeroom kids, I also see 24 other kids in my rotation (from two different teachers) - that's 40 kids per day! I couldn't leave them out, now could I? I made some quick tags for some small, little treat bags using my candy stamps (x 24)...

What I used
Jaded Blossom Flag Die, Candy Charm 
& Too Cut To Spook candy stamps
My Pink Stamper Spook-alicious stamps
The Twinery coordinating twine

Homeroom Class Treats

I have 16 first graders in my homeroom, and I wanted to do something special for each one for Halloween - YES! I'm THAT teacher! I made some treat bags using my new clipart (how cute are these images?!). I wanted to use all the colors of Halloween - so I didn't get bored by the last one.

Out of all the treat bags I made, these are definitely my favorite (and I made A LOT)!!

What I used
Jaded Blossom Flag Die & Too Cute To Spook stamp
Pixel Paper Prints Spooky Friends clipart

Monday, October 28, 2013

Boo Buddies, Day 2

Day 1 of Boo Buddies was a success! I got my favorite drink today - Pumpkin Spice Late from Starbucks. What a great start to the week!

Tomorrow is Day 2: Favorite Dessert
My Boo Buddy's favorite dessert is Oreos! I made a quick little box to put an individual 6-pack of Oreos..

What I used
Jaded Blossom Candy Charm Die, Flag Die 
& Too Cute To Spook stamps
I've got 3 posts coming up tomorrow (so I've spaced them out)! I've been very busy getting treats ready for a few kids who will be very happy come Halloween!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boo Buddies, Day 1

Every year, I join in the Halloween tradition of Boo Buddies at school, and I couldn't imagine this year being any different (specially with all the new possibilities that comes with the Cameo)! To be honest, I am new to my school and I have no idea who my Boo Buddy is -  I am only a little saddened that I picked a person who is a health nut :)....that means no baking....and I'm a BAKER!! But it'll be fun anyways....

Day 1: Favorite Drink
My Boo Buddy's favorite drink is water...yup! Water! I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of the water bottle for my blog LOL, but here's the cute tag I'm attaching to it (made a few extras for a friend)...

What I used
Jaded Blossom Treat Tag die
& Too Cute To Spook stamp
Pixel Paper Prints Spooky Friends clipart

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Treat Tag

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted on my blog. Life sure did get busy... new home, new job, and a firecracker of a 3-year old! Luckily, I ran across two things that got me FIRED up to get back on the "crafting horse": the Cameo (my poor Cricut) and Jaded Blossom Stamps (I want them ALL!!!). With that said....

My first project using my new toys is a Halloween treat tag for goodie bags for the kids in my son's daycare class. One down, 21 to go...

What I used
grafos - monster digital clipart
Jaded Blossom Dies - Treat tag die & flag die
Jaded Blossom Stamps - Too Cute To Spook & Halloween Mash-Up
Hope you enjoyed my project!
Stay 'tuned' for more creations!!