Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Favorite Things....

For today's post, Tracy @ Craft Junkie Too asked us to share a few of our favorite things. I had too many, and it was way too hard to narrow it down! So, I decided to go with the things I NEED! Yes, need! The things I use every time I craft, no matter what I'm making...

1. My Gypsy
2. Trimmer
3. ATG Gun
4. Gel pens (because I love, love, love stictching)
5. Ink (edges, stamps, etc.)


  1. What kind of gel pens do you use? I love all those things too!

  2. This was a fun challenge, but I feel like I NEED a lot.. I needed a wide lens camera, ha ha ha! Love your favorites!

  3. I love your list of favorites!! I think it's so funny as I go around visiting the other dt members I keep saying... "oh, I should have added that too!" hahaha

    Thanks for the glimpse into your crafting goodies

    Cheryl @

  4. I agree with your choices! I would add clear embossing powder and my heat gun!

  5. fun fun fun Roberta!!! thanks so much for sharing your favorite things with us and for all you do!
    Big Hugs!

  6. My gypsy is my #1 tool, too--I've especially realized this since last Wednesday when mine had to go in to Provo Craft for repair---I think I've forgotten how to use my Cricut without it!!! (It will be back in TWO DAYS---HOORAY!!!!!)