Monday, April 18, 2011

Fundraiser Cupcakes

My honey is on a local softball team, and in order to help him with fundraisers, I've been making cupcakes every Friday and taking them to school - what teacher doesn't love cupcakes?! :) Here are some from the past two weeks (and an extra one I threw in there)....

Snickerdoodle cupcake w/
cinnamon cream cheese frosting

(See below for recipe)

Yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream

Chocolate cupcake w/ hazelnut buttercream

The extra: Bailey's Irish Cream
Cupcake & frosting

*Many people have asked for the recipe for the Snickerdoodle Cupcakes, so HERE is the link. Instead of the 7-Minute Frosting suggested in Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book, I went with the Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting I found HERE. Enjoy!


  1. YUMMY! and pretty! The snickerdoodle one looks so good! I have never had that flavor in a cupcake, it's my favorite cookie!

  2. Those look SO good....willing to share the snickerdoodle recipe???

  3. Those are so awesome! They look amazing!!

  4. Maestra Orquestra - just added the links for you! :)

  5. These look good. Thanks for the links!